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      What does Timolia offer?

      Timolia provides mini games of its own devising which you can find nowhere else.

      Altes neu erfinden!

      UHC? Klar, kennt man! Auch wir kannten und liebten diesen Modus - und beschlossen darum Ende 2019, ein neuer Treffpunkt für die UHC Community zu werden, an dem das Spiel frisch aufleben und mit unseren vielfältigen Szenarien in neuem Glanz erstrahlen kann!

      Alt und Neu zu vereinbaren war unser Ziel - und an dem arbeiten wir seitdem gemeinsam mit der UHC Community jeden Samstag. Ankündigungen zu allen Timolia UHCs gibt es auf unserem UHC Twitter Feed!

      Adventskalender 2017
      (Image: Niizck)

      You create your own game!

      You are the centre of attention on Timolia! Therefore our game modes are made to use your own creativity in order to create something completely new.

      JumpWorld is a good example. 415.016 parkours already have been released.


      @TimTimolia Schon das neue 1vs1-Update ausgecheckt? ...

      @TimTimolia, Voll Chef

      (Render: Dankbarkeit)

      Always something to celebrate

      We always have something going on! On 21.02. we've celevrated one year JumpWorld - and a special item for everyone who has been playing all the daily winners diligently.

      Missed? No problem! Until the next event starts, it doesn't take long. To the JumpWorld birthday

      Always something to celebrate
      (Image: TimoliaTeam)

      Frequent streams

      Many timolians like to entertain you. Search for "Timolia" at YouTube or Twitch and take a look for yourself.

      An insiders tip: Awesome Varo training by HandOfBlood


      Danke für den coolen Stream <3

      @Poxari, Youtuber

      (Screenshot: TimoliaTeam)

      Best tournaments in the world!

      A unique tournament system enables you to configure your tournament individually. A global ranking does exist as well.

      Thousand of players compete to become the next Timolia-Champion. Are you ready to fight your way to the top?


      Schönes 31vs31 Turnier #Timolia @TimoliaTeam

      @Horsti98, Spieler

      (Screenshot: TimoliaTeam)

      Find new friends

      Playing alone is boring? You are searching for people to play with? Do you need help by our staff? You will find all of that on ts.timolia.de!

      Whether in private, small groups in one of our limited channels or in good fellowships with many others: We have a suitable channel for you.


      Nach diesem Abend im Timolia TS hab ich Muskelkater vor Lachen.

      @HerrMustermann, Spieler

      (Bild: TimoliaTeam)

      Be always up-to-date!

      You want to know the latest news first? Then follow us on Twitter and see the development of Timolia almost in real time!

      There you can not only profit from our competent support, but also simply participate in cool competitions every week! That's not enough? Then visit us at Facebook!

      You want to see all game modes at once?

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